Oh my Stars and Garters!!!

Nice pictures of fit guys.

I don’t know who any of these guys are.  If you do, please let me know.

Dan Osborne, Nick Ayler, Edilson Nascimento, Adam Huber, Adam Nicklas, Keith Penberthy and Anderson Weisheimer

Ryan Daharsh, Andre Zeihe, Zeb Ringle, Tomas Skoloudik, Charlie Scheerer, Henrique Hansmann and Raphael Durante

Bryant Wood, Kamil Nicalek, David Kimmerle, Alfred Kovac, Alex Barron, Lucas Pacheco and Kevin Hubsmith

Aaron O’Connell, Anatoly Goncharov, Diego Miguel, Marlon Teixeira, Rodrigo Calazans, Mateus Lages  and Caio Cesar, Leonardo Corredor, Matt Wilson, Christian de la Campa and Adam Gumula

Saturday Celebs featruing: Liam Payne, Dan Osborne, Harry Judd, Ryan Guzman, Josh Bowman, Jessie Pavelka and Jensen Ackles.

Firday Friday featuring: Matthieu Charneau, Alfred Kovac, Eddie Granger, Greg Zimmerman, Rob Green, Mathew Colares and Júnior Ferreira

Trip into the unknown

I have no idea who these guys are.  If you do then let me know so that I can find more pictures of them!


Wednesday is the pits featuring: Bernardo Velasco, Ryan Greasley, Alexander Cheeseman, Arran Sly, Sergio Carvajal, Alex Prange and Anderson Weisheimer.