Oh my Stars and Garters!!!

Nice pictures of fit guys.

Model Monday featuring:  Bernardo Velasco, Anatoly Goncharov, Corey Yates, Jed Hill, Harry Goodwins, Lukas Eibeler and Arnaud Cornevin

Sunday undies featuring: Kirill Dowidoff, Lucas Kerr, Angel, Carlos Marti, Billy Kiraly, Eugen Bauder and Jimmy Mulvihill

Saturday celebs featuring: Henry Cavill, Dan Osborne, Chris Hemsworth, Derek Theler, James Marsden, Jacob Artist and Garret Clayton

Firday Friday featuring:  Bo Roberts, Andrew Papadopolous, Almog Gabay, Bryan Thomas, Caleb Aaron, Glenn Melis and Emmett Pugh

Hunks in trunks featuring: Josh Ohl, Tyler Maher, Chris Fawcett, Adam Nicklas, Steve Boyd, Eugen Bauger and Claudio Avilla

Wednesday is the pits featuring:  Julian Gabriel Hernandez, Bryan Thomas, Arthur Sales, Kamil Nicalek, Jonas Sulzbach, Brandon Lipchick and Chase Mattson

Tuesday trews featuring: Chet Corey, David Filipiak, Oskaras Ridikas, Gabe Ondrey, James Ellis, Bernardo Velasco and Sean Brady Bieschke

Model Monday featuring: Lucas Kerr, Alfred Kovac, Alessandro Terin, Greg Remmey, Jamie Roche, Barrett Pall and Colton Burnett

Sunday unidies featuring: Marlon Teixiera and Arthur Kulkov, Andrew Cooper, Andrey Tzarevich, Austin Scoggin, Diego Bernardo, Lucas Gill and Judson Manor

Hey i know this is the way you run your blog because its yours and i respect that but...how about you upload indivual pics? I love your photosets but i would like to see individual pics..just saying
stars-garters stars-garters Said:

I’ve thought about it mate, but I honestly like the sets of seven…don’t ask me why. Besides, how else would I come up with my witty names for the various days? :-). You have noticed the themes right? Tell me you’ve noticed the themes.